Pedaltrain PT-1 Pedalboard Makeover

This is, admittedly, a cheap post. I did this project a few months back but I still think it's pretty cool. Lately I've been playing electric guitar pretty frequently at church. Much of the modern christian worship music sounds pretty similar. This is actually really convenient if you want to be able to build a set up that allows you emulate those sounds. So, for the better part of the past year I've been building/assembling a pedal board for my guitar.

Pictured is what a fairly standard pedal board looks like (sans pedals). As you can tell it's pretty bland. In particular I came to the conclusion that I didn't like the gaudy Pedaltrain logo on the front side. Being the creative* person that I am I figured it would be cool to give it a bit of a paint job to freshen things up.

*At this point in time it's prudent to mention that the last time I attempted something which could be construed as art was in college. Our residence hall E-Board had assembled to make posters for some sort of event. The poster I created had what I thought was a fairly convincing likeness of a brown dog on it. Upon revealing my masterpiece everyone asked why I had drawn a brick of poop. My poster was promptly discarded.

Here's pretty much the same view post-makeover. I spray painted a base white coat to help cover up that nasty logo before covering it up with a lovely blue. I topped it off by stenciling my initials and some gears on the front. Considering my creative track record I think it turned out pretty good.

A couple things I learned throughout the process. Be sure to check the drying times of all the paints used. In my case the base white paint had a much longer drying time than that of the blue an gold I was applying over it. Lastly, don't use spray paint. At the time it seemed like it would be the easiest way. In order to get thick enough coverage I had to spray pretty closely which caused the paint to run. Something you can brush on will probably give you a much better result in the end.

There you have it. Project Pedalboard Makeover was a success (by some definition of the word). I'll leave you with this picture of the pedalboard fully assembled and ready to go.


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