New Beginnings

Here's to new beginnings.

I'll try to keep this brief. This is the _official_ announcement that I've moved over to a new blog. I've ported over my old blog posts for posterity. My current mantra is low cost, low maintenance so I've decided to go with Blogger. It seems to provide enough flexibility while still being really easy to use (and free!). My favorite part is not having to worry about setting up SSL or applying frequent patches to both the blogging platform and themes/add-ons. It's just one more way Google can have ALL my data.

Anyways, my goal this time around isn't necessarily to just blog about travel experiences for those back home. Instead, I'm hoping to use this as a venue to keep myself interested and learning. I've found as of late that I haven't been particularly motivated to tinker or learn. Hopefully this blog helps change that.

I expect to be blogging mostly about things that interest me which may (or may not) include IT, OS X, Linux, guitar, and Minecraft. Being true to myself these entries will likely be very casual and at times will function more as reminders for myself than for any particular audience.

Feel free to subscribe and/or comment. I'll be here.



AoZain said...

I found myself in a similar rut. I shifted what I listened to on my lengthy commute to science and tech podcasts, which I found helped spark my desire to learn again.

Matt Riley said...

I've tried a similar tactic (with computer security podcasts) but because I mostly learn by doing I have a hard time retaining anything I listen to in the car.