Sydney At Last!

Well, I got in yesterday morning (Friday) about 7 AM Sydney time.  The plane rides were relatively uneventful.  I say relatively because apparently Ali is the worst person to fly with.  Not only did they give him the full pat down and make him unpack his luggage to get through security, but they wouldn't even let him get on the plane in Detroit at first.  He even had trouble getting on the plane in LA.  Although that worked out for the better because he and Erin got bumped to business class for the 14-hour flight to Sydney.  They got fully reclining seats and actual pillows and blankets!

Our flight to LA had a lot of open seats.  Almost all of us were able to snag full rows to ourselves.  The Sydney flight was completely packed on the other hand.  I sat next to a couple from Melbourne in the New South Wales state of Australia.  They were heading home after a 6-week excursion to the United States.

After dropping our luggage off at the hotel we headed into the office to get the tour and meet a few people.  Afterwards we checked into the hotel and took showers.  Once we freshened up we went back to the office to meet up with some people for dinner.  We went to this really cool Japanese restaurant where we shared a bunch of different tapas.  Some were sushi, others were potato concoctions, while still others were different types of meat.  It was all quite delicious and really hit the spot after eating plane food for a whole day.

We are currently staying in a hotel in the central business district of Sydney.  Tomorrow we move into the provided apartments.  Word on the street is that we'll actually have internet the
re.  Right now I'm in the lobby leeching really awful internet.  If I'm patient enough I'll post a link to some pictures of day #1.  Also, I plan on posting again tomorrow.

Oh yea,  Click here or the photo on the right to see a few pictures.

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