Operatics, Aquatics, and Kangaroos

Whew! After day one in Sydney I was totally ready for some sleep.  Luckily we were able to convince the others to start day two off on the late side (noon to be precise).  As things ended up most of us got up around 8 anyways and decided to catch breakfast at the Museum of Sydney (MoS) Cafe.  The coffee was exceptional as was the chorizo omelette filled with caramelized onions.  We then took a walk over to the world famous Sydney Opera House.  It looks like we might be stopping by there next Saturday for a concert.

Apparently a lot of street performers congregate in the vicinity of the opera house.  My personal favorites were the didgeridoo playing techno performers.  It's a particular style of fusion that I'm not familiar with.  If I get a chance I'll start uploading some videos to YouTube (but not tonight).

After walking around for a bit and taking an excessive amount of pictures we grabbed lunch at a restaurant called the "Blackbird".  The service was among some of the worst I have ever experienced.  The food on the other hand was quite good.  I got a chicken chili pizza.  More notably, however, is the fact that Trevor opted for the kangaroo.  He was kind enough to let me take a taste (it pretty much tasted like steak).  From here we went to the aquarium just down the road. The aquarium housed a lot of cool fish that I'll probably never remember the names of.  The lighting made it a little difficult to get good shots but I am uploading the halfway decent ones.  There were several sections where we walked underneath the tanks of sharks which was pretty sweet.

Other than that I stuck around the room to write yesterdays post while the rest of the gang went to a bar.  All in all, another excellent day.  Photos should be done uploading in the next 1-2 hours and can be found my clicking the picture above or this link.

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