Koalas, the laziest of them all...

It was another exciting day over here in Sydney!  Today we grabbed breakfast in the hotel restaurant before heading over to the Meriton World Tower.  This tower is the fourth tallest building in Sydney and our newest home.  I made another post about that, but if you're feeling lazy you can just click here to see some pictures of that.

After dropping our stuff off and grabbing some coffee we went over to the pier with the opera house again.  It was still there which was a relief.  This time we hopped on  a ferry to an island that had a zoo on it.  We got through a good portion of the zoo and saw a lot of really cool animals.  There even was a koala petting/pictures area.  Pretty much the whole time we were there all of the koalas were just conked out.  I suppose if I had nothing to do all day other than have people poking me I would probably try to figure out a way to sleep through it.  My favorite was the seal pictures to the right.  He was the first thing anyone saw when they walked in.  He was really friendly and would get air then come down to the bottom and just sit there looking at all the people.  When people got closer he would lean closer and tilt his head a little.  He even would chase kids back and forth if they were running in front of the window.

After the zoo we went back to the new apartments and got our stuff situated.  From there we ate at this really cool chinese restaurant that had really good dumplings.

I've been really amazed at how, despite glaring things like people driving on the left side of the road and no tipping at all, I have had a decently easy time getting accustomed to things over here.  It's a cultural melting pot in many ways similar to the US.  Anyways, time to get going to work.  Click the picture of the seal or right here for some pictures.

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