How High The Sky?

It looks like this is going to be my last post on ye ol' blog of Sydney.  Things have been pretty crazy busy this past week and I haven't had much time to sort through photos and gather thoughts.  I'll take just a little bit of time to summarize some of the most recent highlights.  Shortly after my last post we climbed to the top of the Harbour (with the "u" in Aussie lingo) bridge.  This is the bridge that is already in a bunch of photos and is now in a bunch more.  The ones from the bridge itself should be pretty obvious.  We started heading up the bridge around 7PM.  this was particularly cool because we saw the Opera House in daylight, caught the sunset from the top of the bridge, and then watched the city "turn on" as we came back down.  Afterwards we trekked over to the Hotel Australia Pub where we ate a bunch of pizza.  I believe this was the most diverse meal I had.  We had pizzas with kangaroo, crocodile, duck, pumpkin, and chicken (separate pizzas of course).

Later in the week a bunch of people from the office went to Luna Park.  I will say that if you ever get a chance to see a bunch of nerds riding bumper cars don't miss it.  Great fun was had by all.  I was even tricked onto a ride that went completely upside-down.  That can be prematurely knocked off my bucket list.

The following day our group of new guys made the trek out to Cronnula beach.  I'm not quite sure why we ended up going there other than the fact that we met up with a guy who's been working for a few months already.  Anyways, it was a beautiful day and I was reminded how much fun can be had with a tennis ball and a bunch of overgrown kids.

This past Sunday Atwin, Jeff, and Jake took us out to the Blue Mountains.  It was (again) a beautiful day, and the views were amazing.  The drive out was around 2 hours.  Jake led us to this secret spot he found where he grilled us brats, kabobs, and hot dogs (he even brought some "American Tomato Sauce" just for us).  On a complete tangent, there is no ranch in Australia.  Back on track, the view at our grill site was crazy.  Afterwards we took the worlds "steepest" train into the valley where we walked around a bit before taking a cablecar back up to the top.  Afterwards we went over to the "Three Sisters" which is a rock formation.  About 5 of us went all the way down to the bottom and then turned around and came back up (over 1600 very uneven steps).  We ended the evening with a last visit to our collective group favorite "Din Tai Fung" (See the dumplings on Sydney, Day #3).

A lot more has happened that I haven't mentioned but I think it's about time for me to go to bed.  I've linked a new set of pictures, as well as some videos that I took over the whole course of the trip (take special note of the "didgeridoo techno").  I added the Hillsong pictures into the mix.  I only took a few and used my cell phone for them.  Before I forget, Reuben Morgan gave the message the Sunday that I was there.  I also saw Darlene Zschech on stage and people spoke in tongues at one point.  The service was really well put together and I was surprised at how much it was like the videos I've seen online.  I always assumed they were from some conference, but apparently worship there is like that every Sunday.  Anyways, that is all.  See you stateside!

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