Coffee and Tea, Coffee and tea

So I realize this post is a little late.  I think if I don't take many pictures I don't feel as obligated to share.  Nonetheless, it was a pretty busy week last week between training and trying to navigate the city for dinners.  We pretty much would train until 6PM, grab dinner until about 9, and then head home and crash.

This weekend was a slightly different story.  Friday night was Erins last night with us in Sydney.  We all went out to this restaurant called Longrains.  I ordered some dish that came in an egg net which was (of course) delicious and served family style which was kind of fun.  Afterwards we went to Max Brenners, which is a chocolate bar.  I got some really amazing hot chocolate in an interesting mug.  The pictures are a little out of order, so when you get to it, they will be at the end of the page.

Some of the guys went kayaking around the harbo(u)r on Saturday.  The rest of us tried to find some place to grab some coffee and eats.  There was this hole in the wall place call Workshop Espresso.  They had great lattes and I had a chorizo sandwich which was also quite tasty.  From there we headed to a really cool tea shop called T2.  They had crazy amounts of tea (most of which I had never heard of).

Later on Andrew and I went to this Maritime Museum that we walk by every day going to the office.  Aside from not having any historical understanding of Australia and the events that were talked about we were both very much excited to go on the submarine and destroyer.  As Andrew put it, the destroyer had many "boom sticks" and the submarine was not for the claustrophobic.

Not too much happened on Sunday apart from a really long search for a place to eat.  Oh yea... and the whole Hillsong church thing... but that's for another post.  Enjoy the pictures!

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