Last Minute Preparations

What an exciting week it has been!  Starting a new job then heading out to Sydney Australia all in a matter of days.  I'm certainly excited to head out but I'm also sad to leave the office here.  I will be working with some really great people for the next few years and I look forward to getting started with the fun stuff!

I don't want to get ahead of myself though.  For now I need to finish packing and make sure I get to the airport on time.  For those that are interested, the trip consists of two legs.  The first going from the Detroit Metro airport to LAX.  Then a couple hour layover followed by one beast of a trip from LAX to the Sydney airport.

Lastly, due to policy and privacy issues I won't be talking about really any work-related stuff here.  For what it's worth everything that's posted is of my own observation and opinion and shouldn't in any way be connected with my employer.  I just want to have a place to put up some pictures of my excursions while over in Sydney.  Speaking of pictures... I picked up a Canon D3100 last night and have been playing around with it.  This picture is of me making some final technology preparations (synching music, etc...).

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